Our distribution structure for direct sales is highly developed and covers the whole of northern and northeastern Bulgaria. We have 4 a clustered group of warehouses, total storage area of ​​over 11000 sq.m., as well as a fleet of 42 cargo and 40 cars. Thanks to our highly qualified professional and trained team, we were able to build trust among over 4 500 customers.


We introduce innovative solutions and follow the latest trends in the cosmetics industry, cleaning and tissue products. This allows us to offer our customers modern and up-to-date products, which meet the modern requirements of the market.

Social responsibility

Our company is actively engaged in social responsibility and support of public initiatives. We work in partnership with various charitable organizations and strive to contribute to the improvement of people's lives and society, in which we operate.


We strive to be environmentally friendly and responsible to the environment. We endorse products and brands, which stand out for their environmental awareness and apply sustainable practices in the production and packaging of the products.